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Each of us has been given our extraordinary life based in love to continue to grow and develop throughout our lifespan. When challenges arise, and we come to places where we have difficulty finding our way through, we have been trained to view this as something that is wrong, as a problem to fix. When working with you, I will join you in meeting and honoring your life path, while accompanying you in exploring how your particular life continues to manifest, being with you in your desire for the fullest possible expression of yourself, in personal relationships and in your work in the world. 

In, With and For


In our work together, I will be a guide and a mentor, and also a presence where you can safely be with all aspects of your life. As you seek to move into deeper relationships with those in your life, as well as a deeper relationship with life itself, I will provide you the opportunity to be in touch with all that you are so that you are able to fully move towards what you are yearning for. “Being in the truth” with you will empower and ignite you into a deeper awareness of yourself that will lift you into all the possibility that you are yearning for.

One-on-One Sessions

 I offer distance one-on-one sessions by Zoom, Skype or phone, and in-person sessions in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Who I Am


My life is deeply grounded in spiritual practice and learning. As life challenges emerged and I encountered periods of challenge and transition, transformation emerged through a willingness and commitment to be with my life as it was while staying connected to the future that I yearned for.


My years as a young adult educator, working with hospice, and as a chaplain in a trauma hospital have allowed me to hone the qualities of openness and trust while being closely with others. 


Being trained and empowered by Patricia Albere as a teacher of Mutual Awakening has further developed my capacity to be in, with and for you in your desire to uplevel your life with more meaning, purpose and awareness.

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Patricia Larish